Google says it has the 'industry's cleanest cloud'

Google Sustainability
(Image credit: Google)

Google Cloud has announced several tools aimed at helping businesses become more sustainable. 

Announced at its Google Cloud Next ‘21 event, the new services will help companies measure and eventually reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

“As we work to achieve 24/7 carbon-free energy, we help you take immediate action to decarbonize your digital applications and infrastructure,” shared Google Cloud’s Chris Talbott and Joel Conkling in a joint blog post that also hailed the cloud computing service as the “industry’s cleanest cloud.”

The post also shared details about Google Cloud’s expanded portfolio of carbon-free solutions and new initiatives that will help businesses do their bit to save the environment. 

Sustainable tools

The highlight of the announcement is the availability of Carbon Footprint, which will provide customers with the gross carbon emissions associated with their Google Cloud usage. 

Built in collaboration with the likes of Salesforce, HSBC, L’Oréal, Twitter, and others, the metric is available at no charge to every Google Cloud customer.

“You can monitor your gross cloud emissions over time, by project, by product and by region, giving IT teams and developers metrics that can help them reduce their carbon footprint,” shared the duo, adding that their cloud emissions data meets Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol guidance.

In order to put the information to action, Google Cloud also announced that its Active Assist Recommender will include a new Unattended Project Recommender feature, which will help users estimate the gross carbon emissions they’ll save by removing idle resources. 

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