Rumour: Wii 2 is sticking with infrared

Wii 2 will still use infrared motion-control tech, claims manufacturing sources

According to sources at Nintendo's manufacturing partners, Wii 2 is sticking with infrared motion-control technology.

DigiTimes reports that, according to unnamed sources, Nintendo's 'next-generation Wii' will use the same infared technology as the current console does.

"Pixart Imaging (PXI) will start sampling MEMS chips for the the Wii gaming device with Nintendo beginning in the fourth quarter, according to industry sources," reports DigiTimes.

Competitive challenger

Pixart is said to "bring a competitive challenge to Analog Devices (ADI) and STMicroelectronics," who currently supply Nintendo with its MEMS chips for the Wii.

"PXI… should also be able to continue supplying infrared solutions to Nintendo for any next-generation Wii device, as infrared sensors will still be used for positioning," DigiTimes sources noted.