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Forza 5 confirms what your Xbox One games will look like

Forza 5 reveals Xbox One game box art
Looks like that Top Gear partnership is back on

We love a good box here at TechRadar. And so we thought it was worth mentioning that Forza 5 is the first Xbox One game to be show off the box art we can expect for Microsoft's next generation of titles.

Xbox's Larry Hryb - aka Major Nelson - posted the artwork on his website, although it's also currently up on Amazon, where others have been spotting it.

As far as the design can see it for yourself above. It does, however, confirm that the box art seen this week on the Battlefield 4 site was legitimate (unless it was just a very lucky guess) which means that the site's PS4 box art may also be the real deal.

More blips!

Our blips are also looking pretty fine.