Evony drops libel lawsuit against UK blogger

Evony drops a libel lawsuit it instigated against a British blogger, following complaints from gamers

Games company Evony has dropped a libel lawsuit it instigated against UK games industry veteran Bruce Everiss, following critical remarks Everiss made about the game on his blog.

The American-registered games company abandoned its Australian lawsuit only two days into the hearing. Evony now faces a bill for the defendants court costs of A$114,000 (£68,767).

Player power

The company claims it dropped the lawsuit due to negative reaction by its game's players.

"A lot of our players expressed opinions about the lawsuit and we reacted to that," Benjamin Gifford, the "vice development director" of Evony's legal and intellectual property division, told the Guardian.

Sources claim that the company doesn't want the negative publicity to overshadow the release of a planned sequel to Evony.

You can see the original posts that caused this whole kerfuffle over on Everiss' industry blog in which he likened Evony to a Chinese gold farming company and accuses its owners of click fraud on search engine adverts.

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