EA set to launch 'Wii Fit for men'

EA is looking to develop a 'Wii Fit for men' based around American Football

EA is set to launch what sources are referring to as 'Wii Fit for men' if the latest games industry scuttlebutt is to be believed.

EA recently hinted that hint that it was developing a fitness title within its sports division for a release in 2010, in a clear attempt to jump aboard the 'exergaming' bandwagon kicked off by Nintendo's own Wii Fit.

American soccerball

EA Canada's Alain Quinto tweeted that EA Sports is gearing up to reveal a brand-new game in January, with games site Destructoid claiming that EA's new IP will be an American football game for Wii called NFL Trainer.

Clearly this game is targeting the US market, as us Brits generally have about as much of a clue about the arcane rules of American Football as our US cousins have about proper football.

Destructoid's source also claims that the game will ship with a NFL football-shaped attachment.

Via Computerandvideogames.com