'Asteroids: the movie' in development

Asteroids being given the movie treatment by Universal Studios

Universal Studios has picked up the rights to make a movie based on Atari's arcade classic, Asteroids.

And while Asteroids happens to be one of our favourite arcade games of all time, we have to admit to never seeing any 'movie potential' in the game ourselves.

Still, the Hollywood Reporter says its in development, so we eagerly await further news as to, well, how?

Not to mention why?

Narrative genius

Script writer Matthew Lopez and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura are both already signed up to work on the Asteroids movie.

TechRadar hopes that Lopez is nothing less than a storytelling genius.

If anybody can make a thrilling and gripping narrative out of a game based on pixelated asteroids and little triangular spaceships, they clearly are a master of their art.

"This is just the latest in a series of truly bizarre license acquisitions by Universal, which currently has Alien and Gladiator director Ridley Scott working on a movie adaptation of the classic board game Monopoly," notes 1-Up.

Via 1-Up