Angry Birds set to fly on the stock market

Angry Birds
Rovio to put all its eggs in the NYSE basket

Angry Birds developer Rovio is set to complete its rise from obscure mobile games pusher to international phenomenon by launching on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Finnish company has released a statement saying a public offering (IPO) is on the cards, but specifics are yet to be confirmed.

"The plan is to seek an initial public offering (IPO) in New York, but the specific timing and details are still open," said Friday's statement.

The company has recently received $42m in financial backing, including support from the founder of Skype and early Facebook-backer Accel.


Angry Birds has been downloaded over 75,000,000 times on the various mobile platforms, with new versions continuing to arrive thick and fast.

2011 promises more releases on platforms like Facebook and the Nintendo 3DS, while animated cartoons and movies are also on the cards.