Employee morale at Meta is at an all-time low

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Meta employees are among the hardest hit by the layoffs that have been plaguing the tech industry recently, with 11,000 departing late last year and a further 10,000 added to the hit list earlier this year.

With workers across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other areas of the business all affected, those that remain are feeling the pressure and morale is at an all-time low.

Furthermore, a letter to employees in March called 2023 the “Year of Efficiency,” leading many workers fearing for their jobs.

Meta’s layoffs are making workers unhappy

On top of the record numbers of already laid-off workers, some reports suggest that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considering at least two further rounds of headcount reductions and removing as many as 5,000 job openings.

Other cost-cutting measures have also caused workers to scrutinize the company, including reductions in travel and other expenses and cutbacks to luxuries like laundry services. What was once one of the more favorable companies to work for has now become average, at best, it seems.

To make matters worse, some managers and leaders upped sticks during the pandemic’s WFH period and never returned, giving workers the sense that they are alone and under pressure from distant bosses that don’t understand ground-level operations.

Things aren’t looking so promising for the future, either. Meta has long been committed to the metaverse - hence the name change several years ago - and ROI seems a long way off in a period during which rival companies like Microsoft and Google are experiencing huge successes with artificial intelligence. For this reason, many workers are losing faith in the company’s management.

The future of layoffs at Meta is uncertain, and dissatisfied workers looking for opportunities elsewhere spell out a turbulent time for the tech giant; the same goes for the industry as a whole.

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