DOOGEE S90 modular rugged smartphone smashes Kickstarter target

Image Credit: DOOGEE (Image credit: Image Credit: DOOGEE)

Chinese smartphone maker DOOGEE has successfully concluded the Kickstarter campaign for its new rugged modular smartphone, the DOOGEE S90, with a total of $354,412 raised across two months.

The company's latest device gained the attention of 935 backers on the crowdfunding site and the S90 is now available on AliExpress, Amazon and its own website.

The DOOGEE S90 brings swappable modules to a rugged device for the first time through the use of magnetic force and 24 metal points. 

Users can easily turn the S90 into a powerful night vision camera, professional rugged walkie-talkie and even a gaming phone using the company's modules. There is also a 5000mAh power bank module available that can extend the S90's battery life to up to 26 hours.

Toughest smartphone

In addition to its new modular design, the S90 is also DOOGEE's toughest smartphone to date and the new device is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof with IP68 protection. The S90 is even fully functional when submerged in water up to 1.5m for two weeks.

By combining metal and polycarbonate, the S90 can survive extreme temperatures, drops, transport shocks, humidity, mold, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, vibration and other hazards.

DOOGEE is also developing a brand-new 5G module which will launch in Q3 2019 to allow customers to use the device on 5G networks.

The DOOGEE S90 is now available for $375 for the device itself or for $509 with the power bank, night vision and walkie-talkie modules.

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