Destiny 2's new season sees many surprise returns – and it's out today

A Warlock uses a new flaming Scythe
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Destiny 2's new season has been officially revealed, and sees the return of a fan-favorite location and many beloved weapons.

Bungie has kept details of Destiny 2's latest season, Season of the Haunted, under tight wraps up until now, refusing to release any hints about its story or context. But a new trailer and blog post has given us our first glimpse of what's in store, including the return of the beloved location The Leviathan.

The trailer was meant to land today, May 24, it did slip out just a little bit early. PlayStation Japan posted the trailer prematurely, finally blowing the secret. Bungie decided to officially release the trailer soon after, which you can watch below: 

Moon's haunted (again)

Crow reaches out to a strange artifact

(Image credit: Bungie)

In terms of what's coming in the season, it seems things are going to get a little spooky. The Leviathan, a massive world-eating ship run by the once Cabal Emperor, Calus, has returned above the Moon. However, it looks like things have changed. It's been overrun with Nightmares and awful Darkness fauna, suggesting things have gone a little awry. 

With the return of the Leviathan, it's also been confirmed we will see the return of some fan-favorite weapons too. The Season of Opulence from Destiny 2's second year was Leviathan-focused, so it's no surprise we will be getting some weapons back from that season. The Austringer Hand Cannon and the Beloved Sniper Rifle return, both being some of the most fondly remembered in their types. 

Elsewhere, Solar will be receiving its 3.0 rework, which will allow players to customize their subclass, much in the way Void 3.0 was redone with the launch of The Witch Queen. Some of the builds that came out of that were truly wild, and it will be fascinating to see if that build creativity is matched by Solar's rework. 

This is all to say nothing of the upcoming Dungeon, which launches on May 27. 

Season of the Haunted is looking pretty great from what we've seen, and best of all, there isn't a big wait. It launches May 24 at 11AM PST/ 2PM EST/ 6 PM BST.

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