Dell wants to make remote working a permanent fixture

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The CEO of Dell Technologies has announced that the company will ask the majority of its workforce to continue working remotely from their home even after the effect of coronavirus pandemic outbreak dwindles.

Michael Dell's statement came after a lot of companies have relaxed their norms allowing employees to work remotely for a longer duration as a part of their business continuity planning.

Dell already had more than 24% of its team working remotely for over a decade, long before recent lockdowns forced people across the globe to stay indoors. The company will now ensure that this becomes a permanent fixture. 

Remote working

“If I’m going to work from home for an extended period of time, or it’s going to be a more permanent part of how we work, then we’ll need to do something different," Dell was quoted as saying.

“I think if you were skeptical about work from home, you probably aren’t now. And I think we’ve all learned a lot in the last few months here. I think that will flow through and create opportunities,” he added.

Among other benefits of working from home, Dell counted decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases due to fewer cars on roads and increased productivity. While he did acknowledge that the increase in productivity could be linked to people not being able to spend time in recreational activities like watching movies, dining out with family or friends or visiting entertainment parks.

Apart from Dell, social media company Twitter too has extended support to remote working to preserve the safety and health of its employees. The company announced that all of its employees can continue to work from home forever, given their role allows them to do so.

While Twitter has announced that its office will remain closed till September, the company also clarified that in case people want to work from their office once open, they are welcome to do so, though the decision will be purely based on the discretion of individual employees.

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