Dead by Daylight's next killer has been revealed - and it's a nope from me

Dead by Daylight Sadako
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Dead by Daylight's next chapter has been revealed, adding a new licensed killer and survivor to the survival horror game this March.

Releasing on March 8, the Sadko Rising chapter of Dead by Daylight is inspired by Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and its cult film adaptation, and sees the terrifying Sadako (known in-game as The Onryō), crawling out of her well and into the fog. 

Sadako was the main antagonist of Ringu, known for her long dark hair that covers her face, white gown, and efficiency in using videotapes and TVs to unleash her murderous curse.

In Dead by Daylight, Sadako will be just as unnerving, if not more so. Sadako's abilities will see her spreading her curse to survivors, moving between the Psychic Realm (where she's invisible over a 32-meter range of the survivors) and the real world and using her Manifestation ability to attack. As expected, Sadako will also be able to use Projection to project herself through television sets throughout the map, adding Condemned progress to any survivors within 16 meters - once a survivor is fully Condemned, they can be killed once downed. However, survivors will be able to turn off these TVs if they have a videotape.

But Sadako isn't the only new character in Dead by Daylight this chapter? And who better to take her on than Yoichi Asakawa, the only Ringu character to survive Sadko's curse.

Opinion: absolutely not

Sadako is currently available in Dead by Daylight's public test build and, from what I've seen so far from streams, she looks to be one of the most unsettling killers yet with her dirty fingernails, hidden face and ability to simply disappear into the Psychic Realm. And don't even get me started on her climbing out of TVs, because I had many sleepless nights as a teen after watching Ringu for the first time. It also looks like developer Behaviour Interactive has thrown in some jump scares for Sadako, but we won't ruin those for you.

Sadako joins a roster of licensed Dead by Daylight killers that includes Ghostface from Scream, Michael Myers from Halloween and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Unfortunately, these characters can't be bought with Irridescent Shards, Dead by Daylight's earned in-game currency. So you'll have to pay out of your own pocket if you want to scare survivors out of ever watching TV again. 

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