PlayStation Portable gets GPS, digital camera


Anyone, such as your humble team, who attended this year's Tokyo Games show in September will have seen the cool new official add-ons for Sony's PlayStation Portable ( PSP ) - a digital camera unit and a GPS module. Three months later, they're both finally available in Japan.

The 5,000 Yen (£22) Chotto Shotto digital camera is a 1.3-megapixel unit that comes with simple image-manipulation software for adding basic graphics and text to photos, but the GPS Receiver is a lot more interesting for the 6,000 Yen (£26) it sells for.

The silver dongle attaches to the PSP's mini USB port at the top and comes with standard sat-nav mapping software. Splash out a little more and there are software titles that take advantage of the location functionality. These include a golf assistant that helps real-world players hack their way around several of Japan's courses and a planetarium that adjusts the view of the stars according to your earthly location.