ViewSonic's bold bet on two new displays - the TD2420 and TD2340

Viewsonic TD2340
Have ViewSonic's efforts paid off?

Monitors have changed dramatically in just the past few years alone. They aren't just for looking at anymore.

ViewSonic has been making displays for more than 25 years, and their booth at CES 2013 demonstrates that the company is doing their best to keep up with the ever changing marketplace.

Two recently unveiled standouts include the TD2420 and TD2340. Let's start with the first one: it's a 24-inch multi-touch interface built around a Full HD LED display.

Take a peek at the ViewSonic TD2420

The TD2420 supports Dual Point Optical Touch, meaning it can detect two different finger presses simultaneously.

Viewsonic TD2420

The TD2420 is a looker

The monitor is Windows 8 compatible, though the ViewSonic representative was quick to point out that it's not Windows 8 certified. To gain touch certification, a display must support at least five points of simultaneous touch.

When tested with just two fingers - such as pinch or zooming out - the TD2420 performed impeccably. But when applying three fingers, the very last digit to make contact with the surface did not register on screen.

The TD2420 also supports OS X, but those expecting to pinch and zoom like on Apple's mobile platform will be disappointed. According to the ViewSonic rep, Apple likes to keep a tight grip on such drivers, so only Windows 8 is recommended.

Viewsonic TD2420

Otherwise, the screen itself looked nice. The image quality was decent, plus it's supported by a stand that allows the TD2420 to be tilted. But the TD2340 is the one that deserves the most attention.

Viewsonic TD2340 is the winner

Viewsonic TD 2340

The ViewSonic TD2340 was the star of the demo

Other then the slightly smaller 23-inch screen, it's superior to the TD2420 in every way. Aside from having better image and color quality, thanks to its 1920 x 1080 full HD LED IPS panel, the TD2340 is a 10 Point PCT Touch Display. As a result, it is indeed Windows 8 certified.

There's also a scratch-resistant surface plus a hard-coated, anti-glare finish. This didn't have an obvious effect during our hands on, but to be fair, the wild and inconsistent lighting conditions of the CES show floor was probably the major culprit here.

Viewsonic TD2340

Another major distinction is the fully adjustable stand. The TD2340's range of movement is dramatically increased in comparison to the TD2420. It can be tilted to such a degree that it can lay totally flat, horizontally.

Viewsonic TD2340

The price for the TD2340 is currently listed as $659.00, but the representative stated that the final "street price" will be $599.99. It will be available later this month.

As for the TD2420, no price or release date has been disclosed yet, but it's expected to be cheaper than the TD2340.