New HP PCs will get Windows 10 on July 29

Windows 10 laptop

HP will begin shipping Windows 10 PCs from launch day just so long as you order one ahead of time.

In a statement given to Beta News, HP explained that Windows 10 PCs manufactured by HP won't be in stores until at least the beginning of August and to get one on July 29 you must pre-order one.

"As we get closer to Windows 10 availability, I want to clearly explain how HP will deliver new devices with Windows 10 pre-installed to customers. Right now, a customer can buy select PCs with Windows 10 directly from and it will ship on July 28th. We are offering free next-day shipping so customers will receive the device on July 29th. Customers will start seeing HP devices running Windows 10 in-store at select retailers beginning August 2nd," read the statement.

It's been something of a land of confusion for Windows 10 and PC manufacturers this week as mixed messages have emerged over just what the situation will be come launch day.

Dell also ready

Dell CEO Michael Dell stated on Twitter that he expects Windows 10 to ship on new Dell PCs by July 29, which went against an original statement made by Microsoft that new PCs wouldn't have the new OS on board.

Microsoft is still feverishly testing the massively anticipated OS ahead of launch day on July 29 and the fact that both Dell and HP have indicated that it will be on new PCs meaning that, barring a disaster, it will be delivered on time.