Angry Birds Android Piggy Bank system launched

Angry Birds heading to PCs
Angry Birds heading to PCs

Rovio has announced an Angry Birds Bad Piggy Bank system is coming to Android, where you can choose whether to pay to get rid of the adverts on the app.

Currently, Angry Birds for Android is free but it comes with banner advertising.

Rovio at a press conference in Finland today confirmed the Bad Piggy Bank sytem would be coming in 2011 for Android users.

Angry announcement

The press conference was also meant to contain new information about the upcoming PC version of Angry Birds - according to The Next Web - but no UK release date was given.

Instead there was confirmation that the game will be coming to Macs, PCs and consoles in the near future.

It was also announced that there will be Angry Birds hoodies available for purchase soon to go alongside the plush toys and a cash cow being milked.

We may have made that last one up.

The timing of the press conference was pretty good considering the world will be celebrating Angry Birds Day tomorrow 11 December.

If you are that way inclined there are a number of meet-ups taking place around the globe.

The press conference also noted that Finland will be the first to get the Bad Piggy Bank service, in conjunction with mobile operator Elisa.

Rovio was quick to eplain that Angry Birds has now managed 50 million downloads overall and 10 million downloads on Android.

It seems that it's nothing but good news in the Rovio camp, but those birds are as grumpy as ever.

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