Apple expected to launch new Mac Mini at October event

Apple Mac Mini
The Apple Mac Mini is well due a refresh

October is likely to be the most compelling month of the year when it comes to tech. Not only will we finally see the Windows 9 story unravel, there's also the likelihood of witnessing a new Mac Mini model popping up alongside new Apple iPad tablets and OS X Yosemite.

Unidentified sources have told MacRumors that Apple is planning to refresh its diminutive Mac computer, one that will probably ship with the latest iteration of Apple's operating system.

No details about what exactly a refresh will entail but if past models serve as an indication we could see the new Intel Core M appear in one of those.

Not a priority for Apple?

The 2012 model (which were reviewed here) ran on Intel's Ivy Bridge processors and currently costs £499 (about $799, AU$899). Its tiny form factor and versatility means that it is also very popular as a server.

The Mac Mini is ideally suited for those who already have an existing monitor, mouse and keyboard.

However the new Apple iMac which adds a better processor, improved graphics and a 21.5-inch display for an additional £200 (when compared to an equivalent Mac Mini) is probably a better buy for those looking for a new system.

Desire Athow
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