Seagate sneaks out 4TB Surveillance HDD

Seagate dishes out surveillance storage

Seagate has announced a new hard disk drive designed for surveillance and video analytics.

The 3.5-inch Seagate Surveillance HDD comes in capacities up to 4TB, which is enough to hold up to 480 hours of high-definition footage. This makes it the highest capacity drive designed specially for surveillance.

The drive has amassed one million hours of mean time between failure. This reliability will be essential for customers like casinos, where perpetual surveillance is needed.

It touts low power consumption, thanks to spinning down when no motion is detected by the camera. It also has reduced heat emission. Power settings can be changed by the user.

Storage rotation

The drive also packs rotational vibration sensors, which means it can be used with up to 16 other drives as part of a rotation system to ensure constant video monitoring.

"There is a growing need to analyze and make use of large amounts of video data, including applications where cities can predict and improve traffic flows, airports can reduce wait times, and emergency responders can react faster – the possibilities are endless," said Scott Horn, VP of marketing at Seagate.

"We pioneered this market more than a decade ago, delivering the world's first surveillance HDD, and can leverage our vast knowledge of this technology and market to provide our customers with the optimal solution for recording and accessing surveillance data."