World's first 34-inch 21:9 monitor takes productivity to another level

It's a bit of a wideboy (and a tall one too)

Last year saw the launch of a new type of monitor come onto the market in response to demand from PC users across the world.

Featuring "cinematic" 21:9 aspect ratios with a 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution, these new 'Ultrawide' monitors breathed life into a stagnating market dominated by uninspired 1080p panels and a number of glitzy yet impractical touchscreen variants.

With its elegant EA93, LG was at the forefront of the movement, packing features like four-screen split capability, driverless Mac compatibility and dual link-up options. But that was only the beginning: now the company has returned with an evolved model with such forward-thinking design, specs and functionality that it's hard to believe any other model will get a look-in for some time to come.

That's also because the 34-inch 34UM95 is unique, featuring a stunning IPS display in a newly etched category of its own - UWQHD (ultra wide quad high definition).

Pixel perfect

A pixel resolution of 3440 x 1440 means that it will meet the needs of those who salivated over the horizontal space afforded by 21:9 monitors but were left feeling robbed of vertical pixels.

That huge 1440 pixels of vertical space is something owners of 27-inch (and above) monitors have enjoyed for some time, but the extra space afforded at the sides means that 34UM95 is genuinely a game changer.

The bump in resolution means that the 34UM95 is the equivalent of 1.8 times the space of 21:9 (2560 x 1080) monitors and 1.8 times the space of HD, putting an end to cramped toolbars and cluttered, unorganised virtual desktops.

With all of that available space, you can take advantage of the monitor's Dual Link-up functionality which LG has perfected to let you hook two computers to share the monitor space, allowing you to run multiple operating systems in different parts of the screen.

Split personality

That added screen real-estate opens up a number of possibilities, not least the ability to view your desired content on one part of the screen while allowing another person to view their content on the other - ideal for keeping a track on business headlines while allowing children or another person to watch another video at the same time.

It also means you can fit more icons on screen than ever before without having to struggle to read tiny text, and Windows 8.1's ability to snap multiple apps side-by-side means you'll never need to focus on one thing at a time ever again (unless you want to, that is).

Perfect for image or video/audio editors, the ample real estate on offer is complimented by exceptional colour value: the 34UM95 expresses over 99 per cent of the sRGB colour space, and LG's own True Color Finder software and built-in scale ensures that colour fidelity is kept consistent.

There's also a flicker-safe function that prevents potentially harmful flickering to the human eye, and a reader mode automatically softens blue lights into softer tones to make reading no more tiring than reading a book.

A panel designed for multimedia professionals, the 23UM95 also comes with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity that can reach up to a blisteringly fast 20Gbps, allowing you to hook super fast peripherals - such as the Promise Pegasus 2 and the powerhouse that is Apple's new Mac Pro.

Those powerhouse specs are complimented by exceptional design. Based on a single piece Crystal float stand, the LG 32UM95 looks every part the star performer. Content is displayed crisply within the borders of a narrow bezel around the edge that does anything but distract.

A monitor that has to be seen to be believed, LG's 23UM95 has taken the company's award-winning monitor technology to the next level. Compatible with a PC or Mac, the 23UM95 is the ultimate 'cinematic' monitor and the pinnacle of what can be achieved with a single display today.

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