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Colorado SEO Pros review
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With over eight years of experience in the industry, USA-based Colorado SEO Pros has grown to become one of the best SEO service providers around. The company works with everyone from small business owners to international corporations and major eCommerce stores, and its team has the skills and experience to develop a custom SEO plan according to your needs. 

In this Colorado SEO Pros evaluation, we go into detail on its plans and pricing, main features and services, customer support, and more to help you decide if it’s the best SEO service for your business.

Colorado SEO Pros offers a range of SEO services (Image credit: Colorado SEO Pros)

Colorado SEO Pros: Plans and pricing

One thing that we didn’t like was the unclear nature of Colorado SEO Pros’ pricing structure. On the pricing page, a number of factors impacting SEO pricing are listed, implying that all SEO solutions are custom developed. However, the company then goes on to list four different packages with set prices. 

The Starter package costs $2000 per month and includes general site optimization, basic reporting, 10–20 pages of content optimization, and monthly meetings, along with limited mobile SEO and basic voice search optimization. The Standard package ($4000) includes everything in the Starter package, as well as basic mobile SEO, 20–40 pages of content optimization, and more advanced technical SEO and schema. 

At the higher end of the spectrum, the Aggressive plan ($6000 per month) adds advanced mobile SEO, reporting, and voice search optimization, along with 30–70 pages of content optimization, weekly meetings, and advanced Schema. And finally, a custom-priced Enterprise solution is available for those needing highly advanced SEO services. 

We encourage you to reach out to the company if you would like to find out more about its prices.

Colorado SEO Pros review

Colorado offers four SEO packages (Image credit: Colorado SEO Pros)

Colorado SEO Pros: How it works

To sign up with Colorado SEO Pros and take advantage of the company’s services, you will need to reach out via the online form. Once you’ve done this, the team will work through a recurring five-step process to implement the most effective strategy for your business. 

First up is the discovery stage, which includes a full SEO audit, data collection, and planning. Next is SEO research, which involves analyzing major competitors, keyword research, backlink analysis, and more.  

The third and fourth steps involve on- and off-page SEO. Your content and design will be optimized, target keywords implemented, and a backlink profile will be developed. And finally, the Colorado SEO Pros team will perform ongoing analytics, using the results to refine your SEO strategy and ensure you’re getting the results you’ve paid for. 

Note that this process is continuous, and each of the five steps will be repeated regularly.

Colorado SEO Pros review

Colorado SEO Pros follow a clear process with every SEO job (Image credit: Colorado SEO Pros)

Colorado SEO Pros: Features & Services

Although Colorado SEO Pros offers quite standard SEO services without any exceptional or particularly noteworthy features, there are still a few things worth mentioning. For one, the company places a large emphasis on voice search optimization, which is an up-and-coming field that many competitors don’t emphasize yet. 

Another major focus is technical SEO, which involves optimizing your site’s performance and ensuring your code is tidy and well-written. The company’s design team will also work with you to make sure your site is well designed with fully responsive and mobile-optimized elements—things that are looked upon very positively by Google and other search engines. 

On top of this, you will be able to take advantage of standard SEO services like local SEO, on- and off-page SEO, backlink building, keyword analysis, and more.

Colorado SEO Pros review

Colorado SEO Pros has a great range of SEO services on offer (Image credit: Colorado SEO Pros)

Colorado SEO Pros: Support and customer care

Although Colorado SEO Pros provides little information about its customer care processes, the vast majority of reports suggest that it does a great job of looking after its clients. Reviews on both and tend to focus on the great service the company provides, and the vast majority of clients have given it a five-star rating. 

On top of this, Colorado SEO Pros provide the standard analytics and performance reports that you would expect from any leading SEO company. Expect monthly reports with the Starter plan, bi-monthly reports with the Standard plan, and weekly reports with the Advanced package.

Colorado SEO Pros review

Most online reviews suggest that Colorado SEO Pros puts its customers first (Image credit: Colorado SEO Pros)

The competition

Colorado SEO Pros deserves its reputation as a leading SEO service provider, but there are plenty of alternatives worth considering.

If you don’t like Colorado SEO Pros’ rigid price structure, you might want to go for a company that specializes in custom SEO solutions. For example, Ignite Visibility is a rapidly-growing company offering SEO packages tailored to your exact needs. 

Another possibility is to go for a company like Mayple, which aims to connect those in need of professional SEO services with the best experts in the field. It also has a rigid pricing structure, but it’s slightly more affordable than Colorado SEO Pros. 

Final verdict

Overall, Colorado SEO Pros is a very good SEO service provider. Its main packages are designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, while its custom Enterprise packages offer great solutions for larger businesses and eCommerce stores. 

Although the company’s rigid prices won’t suit some, at least this means you will know exactly how much SEO spend you need to budget for. And, you will benefit from great customer support, ongoing analytics, and regular high-quality reports. 

Ultimately, our Colorado SEO Pros evaluation has shown that there’s certainly nothing wrong with using this provider, although we would encourage you to explore your options.

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