Cohesity data loss prevention

Cohesity data loss prevention
(Image credit: Cohesity)

Cohesity is one of the most popular data protection service providers in the world. It offers an impressive range of data protection, recovery, and other related services, allowing those that work with it to rest easy with the knowledge that their important information is secure and readily accessible. 

In our search for the best data loss prevention services, we decided to complete a full Cohesity evaluation. Focusing on the Cohesity DataProtect platform, we analyzed the company’s prices, main services, customer care, and more to help you decide whether it’s the right option for your business. 

Cohesity: Plans and pricing

Cohesity targets large companies and organisations that usually require custom data protection solutions. Because of this, it doesn’t openly advertise its prices, which is more than a little frustrating. If you would like to find out more about Cohesity’s data protection services and how much they cost, you will have to contact the sales team directly. 

Reports from people who have used Cohesity were mixed. Some stated that it offers great value for money and is among the cheapest options available. However, others listed high prices as a major con. 

Regardless, you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars if you decide to use Cohesity.

Cohesity data loss prevention

Cohesity doesn’t openly advertise the price of its software solutions (Image credit: Cohesity)

Cohesity: How it works

Since Cohesity offers custom solutions tailored to your business’s exact needs, it uses a different approach for every single client. In saying that, we did find some general information that will apply to the majority of customers. 

For starters, Cohesity aims to provide high-quality data management and protection solutions at competitive prices. To do this, it uses a modern network of IT infrastructure featuring a single, purpose-built platform designed for ease of management. 

Its services will help you reduce any risks associated with data storage and protection. Everything from databases and applications to both virtual and physical workloads are covered, and the entire system uses a cloud-based design.

Cohesity data loss prevention

Cohesity develops custom data protection solutions tailored to your needs (Image credit: Cohesity)

Cohesity: Features & Services

Like most modern data protection service providers, Cohesity provides an impressive range of advanced features and services. 

One of the most attractive things about Cohesity’s data protection services is its extremely streamlined platform. Unlike legacy solutions, which often required numerous programs, databases, and expensive hardware, Cohesity uses a software-defined solution with a single user interface. This is designed to save time and money, allowing you to be more productive and significantly reducing downtime in the event of a major problem. 

Cohesity users will benefit from the ability to scale their data protection solution as required. All data is stored in cloud-based nodes, which are independent of each other. Extra nodes can be added when needed, providing virtually unlimited secure data storage. 

Another stand-out feature is the fast and straightforward backup and restoration process. All backups are stored securely and can be accessed and restored in minutes. You can use the global search tool if you need to find something specific, and VMs and files can be restored almost instantly when required. 

As expected, Cohesity provides excellent data security features to ensure your sensitive information is always protected. All data is secured with AES-256 encryption, along with FIPS certification and multi-factor authentication. 

Finally, the flexibility of Cohesity’s data protection solutions was a major positive for the company. Basically, you can deploy them anywhere and scale up where required with a minimum amount of fuss.

Cohesity data loss prevention

Cohesity offers a great range of data protection features (Image credit: Cohesity)

Cohesity: Support and customer care

Cohesity works with a range of medium to large companies, including banks, law firms, and insurance funds. To ensure it provides premium service across the board, it offers exceptional customer support and aftercare. 

For example, 24/7 premium technical support is available for all users. If you run into problems or are having trouble with your hardware, the Cohesity team is available to help. Simply reach out via phone, web chat, email, or social media. 

To evaluate the company’s customer care properly, we also scoured through hundreds of online reviews. The vast majority of these gave Cohesity either four or five out of five stars, which is excellent. And what’s more, many reviewers focused on the great customer service they received. It was very uncommon to see anything less than five stars given for customer service specifically.

Cohesity data loss prevention

Cohesity customers will benefit from high-quality premium support (Image credit: Cohesity)

The competition

Cohesity offers reliable, competitively priced data protection services, but there are other options worth considering. Some competitors are cheaper, some have different features or functionality, and others might simply be more suited to your business needs. 

For example, Check Point Data Loss Prevention provides simple data protection services. It uses a single management console and focuses on preventing data breaches or accidental leaks. You will benefit from a range of pre-configured security rules, real-time alerts, and powerful data tracking services. Unfortunately, Check Point Data Loss Prevention doesn’t advertise its prices, although a free trial is available. 

SecureTrust DLP is another popular option that aims to help companies comply with the relevant data protection regulations. It comes with powerful out-of-the-box functionality, a highly customizable management dashboard, and more. Once again, though, no pricing information is available.

Final verdict

With an excellent range of advanced features and an impressively simple UI, there’s little not to like about Cohesity. During our evaluation, we analyzed every aspect of the company’s DataProtect platform, and we were more than happy with what we found. 

A major positive is the fact that Cohesity allows you to back up and protect data from numerous sources through one single platform. And although we would have liked to see some sort of pricing information, the fact is that most companies offering similar services also use custom-priced solutions. 

The bottom line: You could certainly do worse than using Cohesity if you’re looking for a simple yet reliable data protection service provider.

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