Cloudle is Wordle but for weather forecasting – here’s how to play

A grid of weather symbols in Wordle clone Cloudle
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Wordle clones have gone to some pretty strange places. Heardle switches out the hidden letters for secret melodies, Rolldle has you guess Destiny 2 weapon perks, and Scholardle ups the difficulty by drawing on the world of academia. Now, a new Wordle spin-off challenges you to do the impossible: accurately predict the weather.

Cloudle follows the basic template of Wordle, but instead of guessing a hidden five-letter word, you’ll be guessing the five-day weather forecast of a random city (thanks, RPS (opens in new tab)). That means you won't be blindly stringing letters together, but rather selecting and arranging weather symbols. Guess the full five-day forecast in six guesses or less, and you’ll win.

In the usual Wordle format, guesses are color-coded to help you out. A grey box means a weather type won’t be appearing in the week, a yellow box means it will appear on a different day than what you’ve guessed, and a green box means you’ve hit upon that day’s weather correctly.

Geographical challenge

The move to meteorology really shakes up the guessing game. Instead of racking your brain for linguistic inspiration, you’ll have to rely on geographical knowledge to predict what type of weather a city is likely to experience.

In some cases, that’s not too challenging. Today’s (April 4) city is Giza. A large city in Egypt, you can be pretty sure that sunshine is on the menu. But wait for a city like Melbourne – famous for having the weather of four seasons in one day – and you’ll probably find the game a whole lot harder.

Of course, you’ll have a significant advantage if you happen to live in the city for which you’re guessing. And anyone who’s glued to the global weather forecast probably has a leg-up, too.

You can play Cloudle in your browser (opens in new tab), which means you can hop into it on your desktop or on your mobile phone.

If you’d rather not sink any more of your precious time into yet another addictive guessing game, we’ll fill you in on the best daily Wordle tips so you can keep up your streak in the main game.

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