Destiny 2 Wordle clone was an April Fool's hit – and it's here to stay

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Another day, another Wordle clone; but this one isn't for puzzle fans looking for another daily dose of brain training. Unless you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Destiny franchise, you should sit this one out. 

Just like the dastardly difficult Squirdle, which is one of a giant armful of the best Wordle clones, Rolldle isn't a word guessing game. Oh, that it was that easy! Instead, it has you guess weapon rolls for guns in Destiny 2 based entirely on your knowledge of which perks are popular. So if you've not played for a while, like me, Rolldle is going to present quite the challenge.   

Rules and answers for Destiny 2 Wordle game

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Interestingly, Rolldle began life as an April Fool's joke from the creator of The page is a great resource for Destiny Guardians that want to look up weapons and the potential perks they'll roll with. Guns in the game have five perk slots, so it lends itself to the formula perfectly.

It took just 12 hours for afpac to knock Rolldle together, but he got a much bigger response than he anticipated. Within 24 hours, Rolldle clocked up almost three million views, with players sharing their new results grids on social media.

The game didn't initially follow the 'one puzzle to rule them all' format of Wordle. Afpac offers a few reasons for this in his blog post, saying it was easier to build with each person getting a new roll every time they played. He adds that he didn't want to build an extensive database of a year's worth of answers for a one-day April Fool's prank. But the swell of positive feedback has ensured Rolldle is hanging around for a while, with an overhaul that sees it mirror Wordle more closely.

How does it work?

Players get to choose from Normal and Infinite modes; Normal serves up a one-a-day puzzle that's the same for everyone. Although it resets at the same time as Destiny 2's daily reset (10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm UTC / 6pm BST). Infinite Mode is the original April Fool's format, that lets you play as many games as you like. 

Afpac has shared the list of randomly rolled Legendary weapons that make up Rolldle's answers. It excludes Sunset, Nightfall, adept, and timelost weapons, as well as those added in the most recent season, or perks from the most recent season. 

So if you've been keeping up with Destiny 2, you can give Rolldle a bash alongside your daily Wordle. If not, relegate it to the pile of Wordle clones that you're just not nerdy enough to smash.   

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