Cisco Silicon One wants to power the Internet of the future

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Cisco has revealed new details concerning its 'Internet for the Future' strategy and the networking giant announced a multi-year plan which will see it build and invest in 5G technologies including silicon, optics and software.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins provided more details on the company's future plans in a blog post, saying:

“Innovation requires focused investment, the right team and a culture that values imagination. We are dedicated to transforming the industry to build a new internet for the 5G era. Our latest solutions in silicon, optics and software represent the continued innovation we're driving that helps our customers stay ahead of the curve and create new, ground-breaking experiences for their customers and end users for decades to come.”

The company introduced its new networking silicon architecture called Cisco Silicon One and it also released its new Cisco 8000 Series carrier class routers which are built on the new silicon.

Cisco Silicon One

Cisco Silicon One is a new switching and routing applications specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which has been designed for the 5G internet era. The programmable networking chip has been designed to provide a number of improvements to performance, bandwidth, power efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

According to Cisco, the Silicon One architecture will be the foundation of the company's routing product roadmap for the next decade and the company's long term goal is to help support future applications and services that will arrive once 5G has been widely adopted.

Silicon One will integrate into Cisco's new 8000 series carrier class routers which have been designed specifically for the webscale companies and service providers that will operate 5G networks and build AI and IoT applications. The first Cisco Silicon One 'Q100' model has already surpassed the 10 Tbps routing milestone and in the near future the architecture is expected to reach 25 Tbps.

Executive vice president and general manager of the networking and security business at Cisco, David Goeckeler explained how the company's 'Internet for the Future' strategy is the most ambitious development project it has ever undertaken, saying:

“Pushing the boundaries of innovation to the next level — far beyond what we experience today — is critical for the future and we believe silicon, optics and software are the technology levers that will deliver this outcome. Cisco’s technology strategy is not about the next-generation of a single product area. We have spent the past several years investing in whole categories of independent technologies that we believe will converge in the future — and ultimately will allow us to solve the hardest problems on the verge of eroding the advancement of digital innovation. This strategy is delivering the most ambitious development project the company has ever achieved.”

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