Zigview brings live LCD to D-SLR cameras

The Zigview makes photography more flexible.

Now this is something you don't see everyday - an LCD viewfinder extension for a digital camera. The Zigview S2 from Velbon Japan is intended for digital SLR cameras and attaches to the eyepiece to give a live view from even the most awkward angle.

The ¥44,100 (£194) Zigview's function is thus twofold - it adds a live LCD view of whatever the camera is pointing at to D-SLRs that don't already have one and it frees the photographer from having to keep the camera to his eye.

Remote viewing

The eyepiece adapter part of the Zigview is essentially a mini digital camera that relays its images to the attached 230,000-pixel LCD. Even better, as you'll see here , is the fact that the LCD can be unhooked to act as a remote monitor on the end of up to 21.5m of cable.

The multi-function device can do plenty of other stuff too, including handling interval shots, motion sensing and long exposures - it even has an output for hooking up a TV, perhaps to make crouching in a hide on a birding outing a little more comfortable.

As if all that weren't enough, if you act now and get in on one of the first 50 orders you'll get a set that includes the Zigview and the bizarre upside-down Ultra Max i mini tripod for just ¥47,100 (£207). Sadly, it's a Japan-only offer of course.

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