BT lets SMBs offer free public Wi-Fi to customers

BT is to let SMB users offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi to their customers through the same broadband connection.

The new feature for the BT Business Smart Hub 6 will allow for the creation of a virtualised public Wi-Fi hotspot completely independent of the business network. 

Businesses will no longer have to share login credentials with sign-ins carried out via the BT Wi-Fi service. This protects the performance and security of the network by minimising the threat to company assets and reducing the risk of a customer accidentally installing malware.


BT says the launch is a boost for small businesses such as hotels and pubs, whose customers are increasingly swayed by the availability of Wi-Fi.

“Everyone, everywhere, now expects to get online for free when they’re out and about and making purchases. We’ve listened to the concerns of small businesses, who in many cases were providing a free Wi-Fi service to their customers by sharing their password details,” said Mike Tomlinson, managing director for SMBs at BT Business and Public Sector.

“We’re addressing the cyber security and legal risks of doing so by providing a Guest Wi-Fi service which is completely ring-fenced from companies’ private networks. Small firms benefit from greater security, content controls and better broadband performance, while at the same time giving their customers a faster, more convenient and secure way to get online with every visit to the business.”

For BT, the benefit is that every SMB that takes up the offer will be a new location added to the BT Wi-Fi nationwide network of more than five million hotspots.

This not only strengthens the appeal of the customer proposition, but will also allow for mobile traffic offloading in the future.

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