Atos OneCloud could be about to significantly shake up the business cloud market


French IT firm Atos has launched a new initiative that could revolutionize the cloud computing market. Atos OneCloud promises a one-stop-shop that will allow customers to achieve business process optimization and application modernization.

Delivered via secure public, private or hybrid cloud environments and supported by a dedicated investment of around €2 billion delivered over the next five years, Atos OneCloud will focus on a set of 10 business offerings tailored for specific industries. 

These offerings include industry-specified consultancy, multi-cloud orchestration, high standardized management frameworks and access to a next-generation private cloud platform.

Atos says that OneCloud will also deliver cloud application development services, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, as well as cybersecurity supervision to anticipate and repel cyber threats. With environmental considerations becoming increasingly important, the company will also guarantee year-on-year carbon footprint reduction for customers’ cloud infrastructure data and applications.

The only one you need

“Atos OneCloud is the only solution on the market that blends industry customized consulting with application transformation expertise in an end-to-end set of services,” said Elie Girard, Atos CEO. 

“It is the answer to help further accelerate clients’ digital transformation into secure and decarbonized cloud environments. To drive improved business outcomes, each of our customers can now co-design their own Atos OneCloud Plan. Benefiting from a unique set of capabilities, this roadmap for enterprise transformation will be built and delivered end to end by Atos, with its powerful ecosystem of partners.”

Both existing and new clients will be offered the option of creating their own, personalized Atos OneCloud plan over a 90-day period. The cloud and its development roadmap will be a collaborative affair, delivered by the client and Atos, along with a partner ecosystem which includes the likes of Amazon Web Service, IBM, Dell and Google Cloud.

Whatever particular assets and configurations a client chooses to include within its Atos OneCloud set up, they will benefit from Atos’ global workforce of around 7,000 cloud experts, multiple cloud AI customer labs, automation capabilities and cybersecurity tools.

Barclay Ballard

Barclay has been writing about technology for a decade, starting out as a freelancer with ITProPortal covering everything from London’s start-up scene to comparisons of the best cloud storage services.  After that, he spent some time as the managing editor of an online outlet focusing on cloud computing, furthering his interest in virtualization, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.