Asus partners with Quantumcloud to let your idle graphics card mine cryptocurrency

Asus has announced it is teaming up with Quantumcloud to allow owners of its graphics card to mine cryptocurrencies and get digital payouts via PayPal or WeChat.

The partnership means that Asus graphics card owners can use the Quantumcloud software to manage their digital wallet, set up cryptocurrency mining and perform conversions and transfers automatically, taking a lot of the complexity out of cryptocurrency mining.

It also means that while your graphics card is idle – basically when it’s not being used by games or graphic-intensive tasks – it can be used to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, so you can earn money while your PC is on.

Mining made simple

Cryptocurrency mining, where people use their graphics cards to ‘mine’ digital currencies, can seem too good to be true, and many people have been put off mining due to its complexity. Asus’s partnership with Quantumcloud could change that.

It’s also more secure, as according to Asus, the customer data is protected under GDPR regulations to keep your personal and financial information private and secure, something that some other mining apps do not offer.

Asus says that owners of its graphics cards “can potentially earn a passive income by installing Quantumcloud’s software.”

You’re probably not going to make a huge amount, so don’t quit your day job just yet, but it could prove a nice little income to buy the odd bit of DLC. If you fancy making a bit of cash on the side, and have an Asus graphics card, then this is worth looking into.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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