Alphabet is reportedly spinning out its secretive quantum computing division

Quantum Chip
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If there's one industry that could have a breakout year in 2022, it's quantum computing, the next phase of computational power that will, in theory, take everything up a level. 

This momentum could be kickstarted sooner than expected as Alphabet is reportedly planning on spinning out its quantum division, Sandbox@Alphabet.  Business Insider reports that the secretive division, started by Google cofounder Sergei Brin, will be spun off and led by current boss Jack Hidary.

According to the report, Hidary has submitted filing to create a new company, SB Technologies, and there is a website,, although it contains very little information at the time of writing. 


The exact purpose of spinning out Sandbox remains unclear, but it likely would make raising funding and hiring easier, alongside other operational advantages. 

Alphabet has so far declined to comment on the report. 

Alphabet and Google have been working on quantum computing for years, aiming to compete with Cambridge Quantum, various academics, IBM, and others for the next wave of computing. 

The mechanics are very complex but in short, quantum computing represents a shift away from the binary states that define current computer processing. A quantum bit, or qubit, can represent a one and a zero at the same time; combined, these qubits could perform computations at extraordinary and unimaginable speeds. 

The technology is likely many years away from widespread usage, but some companies are beginning to offer quantum technology to clients. For example, Quantinuum recently began offering quantum-generated cryptographic keys. 

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