5 reasons why Samsung's QLED should be your next TV

Television technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with the introduction of 4K displays followed closely by the arrival of high-dynamic-range (HDR) colour. But with most of the TVs on the market offering both these technologies, the process of narrowing down the best television has again become a tricky task – one that may leave you asking “Aren’t all 4K HDR televisions the same?” Walking into any electronics store and taking a squiz at the tellies on show should immediately tell you that the answer that that question is a firm “No” — one that’ll be even further driven home when you’ve laid eyes on Samsung’s class-leading QLED TVs and experienced their unmatched picture quality. Once you’ve seen what QLED is capable of, it’ll likely be difficult for you to settle for any other television. If you’re thinking of getting a brand new set, here are five reasons we think why you should make it a Samsung QLED TV.

Quantum dot technology

Quantum dot light-emitting diodes (or QLED for short) are a display technology that uses photoluminescent quantum dots to add light to the colour spectrum. Most manufacturers like to boast about the millions of colours their TVs can display, but only Samsung QLED can deliver those colours to their full, incredibly vivid potential.

100% colour volume

Only Samsung QLED TVs are able to reach 100% colour volume. Why is this important? Because while many televisions have the ability to display an enormous number of colours, they won’t actually look good unless they’re matched by vibrance. Simply raising the brightness level on your television won’t fix the problem – the colours themselves are what need to be turned up. With QLED, colours can be as bold and intense as they are in real life.

HDR-enhanced contrast

Offering a much wider colour gamut than televisions limited to standard dynamic-range visuals, Samsung’s QLED is able to display colours exactly as they appear in real life. This expanded colour detail combined with exceptional contrast means that you’ll be able to witness subtle details that might have previously gone unseen. Even challenging white-on-white colour palettes offer much more clarity and definition thanks to the power of HDR.

Peak brightness

Impressively, Samsung’s new QLED range is capable of achieving a peak brightness of 1,500 to 2,000 nits – that’s twice as much as Samsung’s SUHD models from last year. Most OLED TVs can only produce between 500 and 1,000 nits of brightness, making Samsung QLED vastly superior to other televisions on the market when it comes to displaying startlingly bright and beautiful images. You won’t find any dimness here.

Never experience burn-in again

Unlike OLED and other display technologies, quantum dots are far less susceptible to burn-in, so you don’t have to worry about images becoming permanently ghosted on your screen and ruining your viewing experience. Quantum dot displays will remain stable and consistent for far longer, so you can expect Samsung’s QLED to keep delivering unrivalled picture quality for a long, long time.