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The business password management company 1Password has launched a new offering called Secrets Automation that allows organizations to secure, manage and orchestrate their infrastructure secrets.

As the number of SaaS applications has massively expanded over the years, infrastructure secrets are multiplying like never before and are now scattered across multiple services and cloud computing providers. While companies often try to protect these secrets through home-grown solutions and awkward hacks, human error can easily lead to them being compromised with organization-wide ramifications.

With 1Password's new Secrets Automation offering though, secrets such as corporate credentials, API tokens, keys and certificates can all be stored using the same security found in the company's password manager.

CEO of 1Password, Jeff Shiner explained why the company decided to create Secrets Automation in a press release, saying:

"Companies need to protect their infrastructure secrets as much as their employees' passwords. With 1Password and Secrets Automation, there is a single source of truth to secure, manage and orchestrate all of your business secrets. We are the first company to bring both human and machine secrets together in a significant and easy-to-use way." 

Secrets Automation

1Password's Secrets Automation provides organizations with the ability to store credentials, tokens and other secrets fully encrypted with a single source of truth for all of their secrets.

The service also offers granular access control so that IT admins can define which employees and services have access and what level of access they are granted. For organizations that already use 1Password, adopting Secrets Automation will be hassle-free as the new offering is built on the user interface of the company's password manager. It also integrates with other tools including HashiCorp Vault, Terraform, Kubernetes and Ansible with more integrations on the way.

In addition to launching Secrets Automation, 1Password also announced that it has completed its acquisition of the secrets management company SecretHub which protects nearly 5m enterprise secrets a month. The SecretHub team along with CEO Mark Mackenbach will be joining 1Password to help accelerate the 1Password Secrets Automation roadmap.

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