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RingCentral Fax review

Small business faxing from the VoIP mainstay

Image Credit: RingCentral

Our Verdict

RingCentral Fax applies their VoIP expertise to faxing, and what results brings a powerful solution to the small business market. While the plans are more expensive than some competitors, the full feature set is solid for a variety of users and applications.


  • Free trial
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Text message fax alerts
  • Unlimited plan offered


  • Expensive, particularly the third highest tier
  • Lacks free tier
  • International faxes are billed extra
  • Limited fax archiving

RingCentral has 20 years of experience in enabling mobile workers to be productive out of the office, and for providing resources to support a home based workforce. Its main offering, RingCentral Office, is a mainstay among VoIP products, and it has also expanded into telecommuting with RingCentral Meeting.

Against that background, and firmly involved in digital phone services, it would follow that this company would also have a presence in the faxing space. Therefore, RingCentral Fax, endeavors to provide a “Complete fax solution.”


RingCentral Fax has four different tiers to choose from (Image Credit: RingCentral)


RingCentral Fax offers a full range of plans, divided into four tiers. They are focused on business users that need a full featured solution, and therefore there is no free tier for light use by individual users.  

The starter tier is dubbed ‘Fax 750,’ that true to its name provides for 750 included pages per month in the plan. It includes a single shared fax number, support via the web, and the RingCentral Mobile app. The cost is $14.99 (about £12) monthly, or paid annually works out to $12.99 (about £10), with additional pages costing $0.059 (about £0.046) each.

Moving up a notch, is the ‘Best value,’ plan, known as ‘Fax 1500.’ If you guessed it allows for up to 1500 pages monthly for a higher volume user, you would be correct, but less obvious is that it adds the option of phone support in addition to web support for any issues, and also the overage per page cost drops as well to $0.049 (about £0.038) each page. The monthly cost increases to $22.99 (about £18), or $17.99 (about £14) when taken for the year. Managing the fax number is limited to a single administrator.

For an even higher volume business, RingCentral Fax has a ‘Fax 2500’ plan that increases the monthly page limit to a healthy 2500, and lowers the page overage fee down to $0.039 (about £0.030), with an identical feature set of the prior plan. The monthly cost increases to $59.99 (about £46), or if taken annually it drops to $49.99 (about £39) per month. It is enigmatic why the cost of the Fax 2500 plan is more than double of the Fax 1500 plan, with identical features, but yet the monthly fax limit has a more modest increase- so much for economy of scale, and making this plan a poorer value than the others.

Perhaps the Fax 2500 tier just really makes an argument for the top plan, the so-called ‘Fax unlimited,’ that is designated as a ‘Corporate plan.’ The cost is actually less expensive than the Fax 2500 plan, as it starts at $49.99 (about £39) monthly, or averages $39.99 (about £31) when taken annually. It not only lives up to its name with an unlimited number of faxes, but also increases the fax numbers to two, and allows not only for administrative access for control, but also the same access at an individual user level.

On any plan, an additional fax number can be added à la carte for an additional $4.99 (about £4) per month. Also there is the option for an 800 or vanity number for a one time fee of $30 (about £23). The prices include domestic faxing, and international faxes get billed additional at RingCentral’s international dialing rates.

RingCentral Fax

An overview of how RingCentral Fax works (Image Credit: RingCentral)


RingCentral Fax offers the full choice of fax numbers. These include toll-free, porting an existing number, and even vanity numbers, although there is a one time fee for most of these options, as mentioned above. There is also the option to add an additional fax number to the account for an additional monthly fee- an option that most of their competition does not offer at all.

Similar to other cloud based fax services, RingCentral Fax can be used on a computer, or when mobile, via a smartphone app. This offers advantages, such as not having to worry if the phone line is busy to receive a fax. Also, faxes received go directly to the user’s email, for ease of notification, and archiving of the document, which is good as RingCentral Fax’s account holds a maximum of 200 faxes for an unlimited amount of time as long as the account is active. RingCentral Fax stands out for its integration with other popular business services, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office for simplicity of a small business’ faxing workflow.

Other features include the option to get a text message notification upon receiving the fax. Faxes can of course be printed as well if needed. There is not only the option to have a cover sheet, but it can be custom designed also, ideal for a professional business appearance and identity.

RingCentral Fax additionally goes beyond the usual feature set, and reaches out to Power users, with the option to block a fax from a sender that does not have Caller ID to avoid those pesky ‘Spam faxes;’ you know, the pile of faxes from the local deli that invariably end up on the floor beneath a traditional fax machine. Groups can also be created from existing contacts, and saved, so whenever a multi-user fax needs to be sent out to them, it can be easily done be reusing the previously created group.

Final verdict

RingCentral Fax represents a robust solution for small business faxing needs. Highs include the choice of plans, all with higher page limits such as the unlimited plan, affordable page overage fees, the wide range of fax number options, the offer to add more than a single fax line to the account, and integration with popular cloud storage providers. 

We also want to highlight the lows, such as the lack of a free tier, and the overall higher expense of the plans, especially the poor value of the third highest tier, and the higher cost when paid month-to-month. Factoring in all of this, we find RingCentral Fax deserving of its strong reputation in the VoIP space, and small businesses looking for a full featured faxing solution- and willing to pay for it- should put this faxing service to the top of their short list of services to check out.