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Xbox One could get game mod support in a matter of weeks

Xbox One X

Xbox could be getting a huge new fleet of modding features, according to internal documents leaked from Microsoft.

The leaked presentation lays out a five-point plan for fostering a modding community on the Xbox platform, pointing to an increased focus on ‘UGC’ (user-generated content), a ‘catalog’ for browsing available mods, and ‘social integration’ to notify and share content with friends.

The presentation also set out a vague timeline for the new features, citing a launch some time “later this summer”, so we're guessing late July or August.

Let them have mods!

Modding is a practice primarily associated with PC gaming, allowing users to create and share their own in-game content, whether that’s cosmetic items, new weapons or character skins, or whole other maps and gameplay modes. 

There's currently no uniform system for creating and selling mods on the Xbox platform, requiring developers to create their own in-house tools if they wish to offer a modding service through their games. 

Usually this means only major studios have the resources to do so, with notable names like Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Halo 5 providing some sort of modding capability to its users.

Henry St Leger

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