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Travel tech a bridge too far for UK businesses

Business Laptop User
New research suggest UK mobile workers are underequipped

A new report suggests that over half of the UK workforce is traveling further to work than five years ago, but is not necessarily being provided with the right tools by employers for communicating on the go.

Research carried out on behalf of consumer electronics firm Plantronics found that 47 per cent of employees use their own smartphone and 22 per cent use their own laptop when travelling.

Survey findings also suggested that firms may not be educating employees about data security risks. It found that 81 per cent of respondents were not concerned about connecting to free Wi-Fi and only 23 per cent of employees are provided with a secure internet connection when on the go.

Severe implications

"Business travel is increasing and organisations can no longer ignore the need to provide technology solutions that facilitate this," said Paul Clark, General Manager of Plantronics. "For those that do ignore it, the security implications and missed opportunities can be severe."

Of the respondents surveyed, 60 per cent said their business travel was for client meetings and 45 per cent for internal meetings.

Plantronics points to technologies such as VOIP, video conferencing and noise-cancelling headsets as means of minimising travel and reducing subsequent time and costs expended.

Where travel is necessary, Clark says that appropriate technology can improve efficiencies is these areas. "The right technology can help make the most of your employees travel time, easing communication disruptions and helping them stay connected no matter their location."