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Google wants to make sure your passwords never get hacked

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Google is looking to secure users of its Chrome browser with a new security tool that monitors if passwords have been compromised and can be used without any password managers.

The company's Password Checkup feature is able to check the passwords a user has saved against any accounts affected by large-scale hacks or data breaches, and flag any potential issues.

The tool was first launched earlier this year, and currently works across the Google web dashboard and Android devices, but will also be added to the Chrome browser later this year.


The service will be available via a standalone website,, where details will be synced when a user links up their Google account on Chrome.

Users will then be able to see a list of all the passwords that have been used and saved in Chrome. These will be checked against Google's internal database of around four billion details that it has identified as being afected via past attacks and breaches.

Google will then warn users if their details are included in the database, and urge them to change passwords as soon as possible.

Password Checkup will also be available to mobile users via the official Google Android app, and is open to download now on Chrome Canary, with a wide-scale release coming soon.

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