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Speedlink show off PlayStation Move add-ons

Peacemaker Move addon
Peacemaker Move addon

Speedlink has announced a veritable feast of PlayStation Move peripherals, including a gun, 'sports' attachment and dock.

Speedlink is hoping that its range of addons – which will be available from the UK launch of PlayStation Move on 17 September – will prove a popular choice for early adopters.

"The manufacturer will offer an end-to-end range of practical accessories which will increase ease of use, protection and above all the sheer fun of gaming with Sony's motion control system," said Speedlink.

Sports addon from speedlink

Wii experience

"When developing the Move range, Speedlink incorporated the many years of experience it gained from its highly successful Wii accessories range to start manufacturing matching products months before the launch of the new platform.

"The Move portfolio will initially comprise two chargers, a sports attachment set for the motion controller, a gun attachment as well as protective silicone skins for both Move controllers."


The products have been priced in Euros – so the UK pricing will be slightly different.

The BAY 4-Port Move Charging System will cost €29.99, the Tridock 3-in-1 Move Charging System €19.99, Match 3-in-1 Move Sports Set €19.99 and the Peacemaker Move Gun – €14.99 with the Guard Silicone Skin Kit – €6.99.

Maybe it's the child in us, but we're already fans of the Peacemaker. Do you feel lucky punk?