You can try a free Stellar Blade demo this Friday, with progress carrying over to the full game

Stellar Blade
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A free playable demo of upcoming action-adventure game Stellar Blade will be made available to download on March 29 for PlayStation 5 owners, ahead of the game’s full release on April 26.

One of the most hotly anticipated PS5 exclusives launching this year, Stellar Blade is set on a post-apocalyptic version of Earth that has been overrun by a mysterious alien race known as the Naytiba. Playing as 7th Airborne Squad member Eve, it’s your job to clear them out and save the planet.

You’re joined on your journey by various other 7th Airborne Squad members, who provide useful support. The Stellar Blade demo includes the first stage of the game which is set in the lost city of Eidos 7, complete with a tutorial that explains the basic combat mechanics. It'll also offer a taste of some PS5 hardware features, such as a smooth 60 fps frame rate and haptic feedback through the DualSense Wireless Controller

Alongside this announcement, a new demo teaser trailer has been released that showcases about 30 seconds of in-game footage and cinematics from the demo. You can take a look for yourself below:

Stellar Blade is currently available for preorder, with those who purchase the base version of the game for $69.99 / £69.99 receiving the Planet Diving Suit as ‘an early unlock’ alongside Classic Round Glasses and Ear Armor Earrings for Eve to wear.  The same bonuses are available if you preorder the $79.99 / £79.99 Digital Deluxe edition, which also includes some exclusive content. 

If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, it’s likely going to be a relief to know that any progress you make in the demo will carry over into the full release if you keep the save data stored on your system. In addition to offering a head-start, there's also the promise of a “little surprise for players who complete the first stage” according to the game’s director Hyung Tae Kim which in itself is good incentive to check out the demo when it arrives.

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