The Kingdom Hearts series is finally coming to Steam after three years of Epic Games Store exclusivity

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The Kingdom Hearts series is set to launch on Steam three years after it was originally ported to PC and released as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Revealed in the description of an upcoming announcement trailer that is set to premiere on the Square Enix YouTube channel later today, the games are going to launch on June 13, 2024. Although there aren’t many further details, the description does confirm that this will include the entire “Dark Seeker Saga.”

Based on what’s already available on the Epic Games Store, it seems reasonable to expect Kingdom Hearts HD 1.2+2.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts 3 and its ‘Re Mind’ downloadable content (DLC) to arrive on the platform. There is also a chance that Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, a rhythm game spinoff that is also available on the Epic Games Store, will be released, too.

If you’re not familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series, two of these titles are large compilations that contain content from across the series. get ready for some funky game titles. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.2+2.5 ReMIX includes: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. That’s an awful lot of games, but it’s worth bearing in mind that both Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded are present in the form of cinematics that deliver their respective stories without any of the original gameplay. 

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue then contains Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, the movie Kingdom Hearts x Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep. If this all sounds supremely confusing, you basically just need to start by completing everything in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.2+2.5 ReMIX before moving on to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and then Kingdom Hearts 3 to get the full experience. 

The Kingdom Hearts series is a long-running collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, bringing together elements from a range of Square Enix games like Final Fantasy and Disney properties such as Toy Story and Frozen. They’re incredibly meaty games with hours and hours of content to discover and, while it is important to stress that compatibility is not confirmed at this time, it seems like they would be a fantastic fit for the Steam Deck.

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