The best Nintendo Switch special edition consoles - and where you can still buy them

Nintendo Switch OLED Splatoon 3 Edition
Behöver du ett par hörlurar till din Nintendo Switch? Här är våra favoriter just nu. (Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch has done pretty well for itself since its launch seven years ago. Shipping well over 132 million units as of late last year, the handheld hybrid console has enjoyed a pretty lucrative run. Even with a potential Nintendo Switch 2 on the horizon, players simply haven’t been able to get enough of the Switch.

But Nintendo knows this all too well. Throughout the years, several Nintendo Switch special edition consoles have hit shelves, offering unique designs that set them apart from the standard model. These exist across the entire Switch family, be that the regular console, the Nintendo Switch OLED or the extra-portable Nintendo Switch Lite, so regardless of your console preference there’s bound to be a special edition available to you.

The best thing about these Nintendo Switch special edition consoles is that many can still be bought at retail price despite their special edition label. So if you missed your chance to pick one up around launch, it’s still not too late to purchase one at a sensible, non-inflated price point. Below is a list of our favorite Nintendo Switch special edition models, including links to where you can still buy them.

Nintendo Switch OLED - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition

Nintendo Switch OLED Tears of the Kingdom Edition

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch OLED - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition is my personal favorite Nintendo Switch special edition console. Any OLED model is already glorious thanks to that sharp, vivid OLED display. But the aesthetics of this special edition has me highly recommending it for Zelda enthusiasts.

Sporting a white dock emblazoned with the series’ iconic Triforce motif and golden markings to represent the technologically advanced Zonai race referenced within the game, it’s a real eye-catcher right off the bat. The included Joy-Con controllers are a huge win here, too, with intricate markings etched on the gold-hued gamepads. There’s some lovely, swirling patterns on the back side of the Switch console, too.

It is worth noting that this special edition model is slightly pricier than a standard Nintendo Switch OLED though, and unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, the strong aesthetics alone make it worth paying slightly more for, especially if you’re a longtime fan of the Zelda series. 

Nintendo Switch OLED - Mario Red Edition

Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red

(Image credit: Nintendo)

This Super Mario-inspired Nintendo Switch OLED is one of the more basic special editions out there. But that said, it’s got more things going for it than just looks, and it does have some pleasing aesthetic touches of its own.

The Mario Red Edition features a bold red dock, alongside matching Joy-Con controllers and console. The back of the dock also has a little silhouette of the plumber himself. Plus, popping off the protective faceplate on the back of the dock reveals a row of coins; a neat touch that makes me feel like I’ve warped into one of the Super Mario Bros. underground levels.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the Mario Red Edition costs the same as the standard Nintendo Switch OLED models. So, if you’re after a colorway that’s a little more vibrant rather than the plain aesthetics of the original, this version of the console provides just that at no extra cost unlike many alternatives.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Splatoon 3 Special Edition

Nintendo Switch OLED Console (Splatoon Edition)

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Launching just ahead of the release of Splatoon 3 in 2022, the Nintendo Switch OLED - Splatoon 3 Edition sports a design that simply looks excellent. The dock itself isn’t particularly remarkable, sporting a white finish and a thematic yellow splodge of paint. But, having Splatoon’s language and iconography etched there is a nice touch.

To put it above the rest, it’s the Joy-Con controllers that I think are especially impressive here. The left features a blue-to-purple gradient, while the right-handed side sports a lovely yellow-to-green. Both also feature stylized Splatoon graphics, as does the rear of the handheld itself.

Design-wise, it’s certainly on the busier side, but I can’t help but love its commitment to the Splatoon series' overtly brash stylings. Like the Tears of the Kingdom special edition, this Nintendo Switch OLED model is a touch pricier, which is worth keeping in mind. Splatoon 3 is also sold separately here, which is worth noting if you were hoping for a neat little bundle deal. 

Nintendo Switch - Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Edition

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Moving on from the OLED, there are plenty of lovely special editions for the standard Nintendo Switch model. Case in point: this utterly gorgeous Animal Crossing: New Horizons special edition console that nails the breezy, summery vibes of Tom Nook’s island getaway.

The dock features a sandy white background with a subtle texture, and a graphic showing Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy greeting potential island-goers. It’s incredibly charming, and further accentuated by the pastel green and blue Joy-Con controllers that are particularly eye-catching.

Once again, though, it pains me to say that a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not included with this special edition, which is a massive shame. However, we’ll be remedying this with two Nintendo Switch Lite variants that address this problem further down the list.

Nintendo Switch - Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition

Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition

(Image credit: Nintendo / Capcom)

I have a particular attachment to this model, as it was my mainstay Nintendo Switch console before I upgraded to the OLED. The Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Switch isn’t just one of the nicest looking models out of all the special editions, it’s also got serious bang for buck potential.

This is one of the classiest Switch designs out there, featuring the game’s flagship monster, the Magnamalo, etched in gold against the black dock. The Joy-Con controllers are quite nice, too, both sporting Monster Hunter iconography against a standard gray finish. It’s a more subtle design, and series fans may have expected something flashier, but I love the more niche touches here that mean the console doesn’t stand out too harshly against a wider gaming setup.

Slick aesthetics aside, it’s also worth noting that this Nintendo Switch special edition also comes with a digital copy of Monster Hunter Rise and a handful of bonus content. With that in mind, it’s seriously excellent value for both Monster Hunter fans as well as folks keen on having a new Switch game to play right off the bat.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Timmy & Tommy’s and Isabelle’s Aloha Edition

Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing New Horizons Aloha Edition

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We’re back on the island with a couple of Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed Nintendo Switch Lite consoles now. The Lite certainly isn’t for everyone, relying exclusively on the portability factor, but I feel these models in particular warrant a mention.

There are two versions of this Nintendo Switch Lite model. Timmy & Tommy’s Aloha Edition sports a turquoise finish with leaf patterns on the back, whereas the Isabelle Aloha Edition is much the same, albeit with a coral pink hue instead, both echoing the New Horizons charm.

There’s a bonus here that wasn’t the case with the standard Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons special edition, too. These Aloha editions do come with a digital copy of the game, making it an excellent choice for gifting to friends and family looking to start their island retreat for the first time.

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