Texas Chain Saw Massacre brand strategy lead says "if the price is not acceptable to you, you have the option not to pay it" regarding DLC

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Pricing information outlining what to expect from future DLC for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has been shared on Twitter, and in response to the structure, players are uniting in their upset. 

On top of the base price of the game, players should expect to pay $15.99 for premium content, $9.99 for characters, $6.99 for executions, and an additional $4.99 for cosmetics. 

It has also been confirmed that there will be no other means to unlock this content within the game, so in-game purchases will be the only way to get your hands (chainsaws?) on these cosmetics and characters. The full pricing structure can be seen below:

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Fortunately, there will still be a handful of free content added to the game, described as “maps, etc.” within the pricing breakdown, but details on what else this will include are yet to be shared. 

Players have taken to Reddit to come together and share their opinions on the pricing, suggesting that the general opinion is “finally something we [family and victim mains] can agree on.” 

However, in response to the conversation, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre brand strategy lead Matt Shotcha commented “I understand where you're coming from, and I know we can debate this to death if we want to. But ultimately, like it or not, being a realist is realizing that if the price is not acceptable to you, you have the option to not pay it, which sends a cleaner message than memes.

“That said, I'm not trying to be dismissive of the concerns, we're going to report on them. But we also have our reasons why we've priced these things at these rates, and even if I ran down the list, users here would not be interested in hearing that and accuse us of simple greed, etc.”

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