Tears of the Kingdom will not receive a sequel, confirms producer Eiji Aonuma

Link sky diving in Tears of the Kingdom
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When Tears of the Kingdom launched in May 2023, its huge map and well-rounded story helped it rapidly become one of the best Zelda games. It felt as if the game shipped as a complete package from the get-go rather than there being any further content, and it was quickly confirmed that Tears of the Kingdom would not receive any DLC in the future, unlike its predecessor Breath of the Wild. However, the possibility of building upon the world Tears of the Kingdom lays out in a future game is always in the back of players' minds - until now. 

As reported by GameInformer, Tears of the Kingdom's producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that there will not be a direct sequel to the game. In the interview, he stated: "That would be a sequel to a sequel, which is getting a little bit wild when you think about it! But as I've mentioned previously, with Tears of the Kingdom, we were seeking to build on top of the world we created with Breath of the Wild and really exhaust the possibilities of what we could put into that world.

"I think it is – to use a bit of a term – an apotheosis, or the final form of that version of The Legend of Zelda. In that regard, I don't think that we'll be making a direct sequel to a world such as that that we've created."

So while this does mean that the chapter of Zelda in this format is coming to a close, it does also hint toward us heading into a new realm of possibility for the series rather than recycling older content and trying to exhaust the world of Breath of the Wild further. 

With that said, we aren't expecting another addition to the timeline to be released in quite some time since players are still discovering secrets hidden within Tears of the Kingdom even six months after its launch. But, this is still an exciting prospect for any fans speculating about what the future may hold for Link. 

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