Stardew Valley is set to receive its 1.6 update next month, but only for PC so far

Stardew Valley outside the blacksmith holding a bone
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Stardew Valley is set to receive one of its biggest updates yet - version 1.6 - next month. But, as announced by developer ConcernedApe on Twitter / X, its March 19 release date currently only applies to PC players rather than covering all platforms. 

No news on a console or mobile release date has been shared, besides ConcernedApe stating in the same post that: "console & mobile will follow as soon as possible." So, unfortunately, if you're farming on console there's a bit more of a wait to be had before you get to experience what version 1.6 has to offer. The full announcement post can be seen below:

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Although the full details of what this update entails are yet to be shared, we do know that it plans to add a heap of new content to the game such as a new major festival, new dialogue options, entirely new mini-festivals, and an additional farm type. As we get closer to the PC release date, we're expecting further information on these details to be released.

In addition to festivals and in-game events, ConcernedApe has also hinted towards features that may roll into the update such as a map that changes with the seasons. While this isn't concrete confirmation of what the update has in store, it would be a highly anticipated addition and one that players are constantly requesting. 

With under a month to go until the update rolls out, keeping an eye on what ConcernedApe is sharing on social media is one of the best ways to glean any information as it comes out. But, until then, it's time to start preparing your farms for shiny new content.

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