Lethal Company's newest patch introduces challenge moons and leaderboards

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Lethal Company's latest patch brings all sorts of exciting new additions, but one sticks out above the rest. 

Players who have pushed the looting abilities in Lethal Company to the limit will be happy to find out that there are new ways to log your successes coming in this latest patch. There are now replayable challenge moons; these are weekly locations with the same random seed for everyone. At the end of the day, the amount of loot you collect will be uploaded to a leaderboard so you can compare your success with other players. 

"The point of this is less for competition and more to give us all a shared experience," the developer Zeekerss explains in a blog post. "It will also give even the most seasoned employees a challenge; I have no idea what moons will be generated for the months to come, but some of them will surely be crazier than others."

There's not just challenge moons to look forward to. Zeekerss outlines a new kind of hallway for the factory map type, explaining that instead of adding new maps, there'll be more rooms and variety to the indoor layout first. There's also a new server tag feature for public lobbies to make it easier for players to find more specific ones. Lastly, players should be happy to find some changes and balances for existing enemies:

  • The thumper's movement has been reworked so its animations and acceleration should be more consistent.
    * The thumper speeds up slightly faster after being hit, but its turn speed drops off more reliably when it reaches high speed.
  • The bunker spider now becomes slightly faster when it is almost dead.
  • The bunker spider's webs have a slightly larger collision radius.
  • The forest giant is more likely to leave the ship alone after chasing a player near it.
  • Slightly increased the audible range of the coilhead's footsteps.
  • Made nutcrackers able to move slightly while aiming
    * They only do this if they've fired at the same person several times
  • Made the jester take longer to begin cranking

Apart from some other bug fixes, this is the extent of the most recent patch for Lethal Company. However, this won't be the end of it. Zeekerss also explains that more fantastic things are to come. "In Version 50 I hope to add lots of new creatures and map variation. (However, since there are big changes in my life, I might not be able to work on it as quickly as I worked on Version 45)." For now, then, all we can do is hold tight and wait for more news. 

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