Dark and Darker developer says cheaters are "a serious priority"

Dark and Darker artwork
(Image credit: Ironmace Games)

Ironmace Games has said that Dark and Darker cheaters are "a serious priority" and that it will begin taking action. 

In a recent post to the game's community Discord channel, Ironmace confirmed that cheaters have been plaguing the fantasy multiplayer extraction game and that it's become a serious problem. Developer "Graysun" shared that one of the team's top priorities right now is combatting the hackers (via PCGamesN).

"Right now, we are fighting a difficult fight against cheaters as we gather information with Ironshield to deal with this situation," Graysun said. 

"The fight against cheating is a serious priority for us, and to further support our community, we will offer a Discord account you can directly message with your evidence of cheating for the next 30 days."

Ironmace is asking the community to also help the team in battling the hackers, saying that players with evidence of cheating should message an uploaded video link or screenshot directly to the Ironshield Support channel in the Discord, along with the hacker's in-game name. 

Dark and Darker entered early access on August 7 on an indie storefront called Chaf Games, through Ironmace's own launcher called Blacksmith, after it was removed from Steam following a cease and desist order from Nexon. 

Nexon alleged that Ironmace was using stolen code to make Dark and Darker, which led to the latter's offices being searched by the authorities. It was previously reported by NME that an ex-Nexon employee now working for Ironmace Games had taken some code after they'd been fired from the company, but nothing was found by police. 

Those who have been playing Dark and Darker may be aware of the exploit that gave players a speed boost if they remove their armor and clothing. However, with the release of hotfix three, the developer has nerfed the speed boost, forcing players to put some clothes on.

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