Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC set to release later this year - and it's paid-for content

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The Nintendo Direct for June 2023 got off to a cracking start with a new DLC announced for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

It's official Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is finally getting a new expansion named The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. 

Part one, The Teal Mask, will be available in Fall 2023 with the second part, The Indigo Mask releasing Winter 2023. You'll be able to experience the beautiful and traditional festival lands and even a futuristic ocean arena with all your beloved Poké pals. However, our eyebrows have been raised by the fact that all of this DLC is paid-for content.

There's also a special Tera Raid Battle Event available for fans later today and July 2 with shiny chests, brilliant loot, and even some mystery gifts to seal the sale. Just by logging in fans will be able to get 10 Nuggets, 10 Rare Candies, and one Friend Ball to help you on your exciting Paldean Treasure Hunt. The redemption period for this event ends July 31. 

While it's great to see a new DLC for Scarlet and Violet the fact that this will be a paid expansion doesn't fill me with a lot of joy. Immediately after launch fans were shocked to find the the newest Pokémon title was full of strange bugs and errors that's unlike anything you'd usually find in a Nintendo game. 

Since it's launch earlier this year Scarlet and Violet has gone under heavy maintenance and is now largely playable without a hitch. However, seeing this new paid DLC has sent shivers down my spine as the last time I spent money on a Pokémon game I had to get a refund.

Hopefully, I'll be proved wrong as The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero does look like a delightful addition with tons of great locations, experiences, and outfits to enjoy with all your Pokémon friends. 

Scarlet and Violet did make it into our best Pokemon games list - but it's been a little buggy since launch and won't please anyone.

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