Animal Crossing is one step closer to reality thanks to this new Lego set

Animal Crossing x LEGO collab
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo UK just announced an exciting new update for Animal Crossing fans, as the beloved cozy game will be made just that little bit more real thanks to a new crossover with LEGO. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the coziest games you can play on the Nintendo Switch. Its immersive island-building and fantastic community mean it's still great fun to play, especially when you feel too sick to play anything else. So it's great to see some new life being breathed back into the social simulation thanks to this most recent team-up with LEGO. 

Nintendo UK announced the exciting news on its official Twitter account. The company shared a short video depicting the many familiar and lovable faces of Animal Crossing, including Tom Nook and Isabelle, in LEGO form. It showcased the happy group standing together, looking skyward at a floating present. 

Not much else is known about this crossover as of yet. However, a Lego-leaking Instagram account suggested that five different sets will be released in March 2024 (via Eurogamer). According to this report, the pieces could range from 170 to 535, with prices being anywhere from $14.99 to $74.99. 

Lego has seen a lot of success in previous game-themed sets. Its Super Mario line of playsets and advanced builds like the Lego NES, Mario Question Block, and Bowser sets have proved to be great fun for all ages. 

It'll be great to see what this crossover has in store for fans. Whether you want to build the airport or maybe a scaled-down version of the brilliant museum, it seems like Lego is set on bringing the game to life in ways not yet seen. 

If you're a fan of getting creative and building Lego, then be sure to check out the best Lego sets available right now. For those of you who'd prefer to stick closer to your Nintendo, here are some fantastic Switch games for you to dive into. 

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