Gaming mod icon Thomas the Tank Engine has been added to Alien: Isolation

Thomas the Tank Engine Alien Isolation Mod
(Image credit: MattFiler)

Alien: Isolation has received a new terror courtesy of a mod from MattFiler, putting you against the force of none other than a childhood icon rather than the central monster players will be used to. 

Instead of the ship being prowled by a Xenomorph, you can now be hunted by none other than Thomas the Tank Engine, the blue train that has become a staple when it comes to modding. Sure, this isn’t too scary when you think about it, and probably comes across as a bit funny, but when you’re stranded in space and being hunted, anything becomes terrifying. Even sentient trains.

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As the Xenomorph would, Thomas the Tank Engine stalks the vents and corridors in search of the player - which makes for a truly frightening experience once you get over the fact you’re being hunted by a train. The last thing you want in a game where you can only fight back in unconventional ways is to turn around and be greeted with Thomas’ huge face and dead eyes.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the tank engine embed himself within gaming though, as Skyrim, Elden Ring, and Resident Evil 2 have all fallen victim. As stated by MattFiler in the description of the mod, the Thomas the Tank Engine mod “had to happen sooner or later…” and frankly, it’s surprising that it has taken this long for the train to board Alien: Isolation.

It really makes you question where we’ll see the train crop up next, and whether or not it will be as terrifying as lurking in the shadows of the USCSS Nostromo.

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