Devolver Digital co-founder and ex-CEO is now CEO again after the departure of Douglas Morin

Cult of the Lamb
(Image credit: Devolver Digital / Massive Monster)

Leadership at American game publisher Devolver Digital is shifting, as it’s been confirmed that Douglas Morin has stepped down as CEO after more than two years in the role. This change comes “as part of planning for Devolver’s long-term growth and development.”

Taking Morin’s place is Devolver co-founder, major shareholder, and executive chairman Harry Miller, who’s also held the position of CEO before. Miller helped establish the company back in 2009, and in a post announcing the news on Wednesday (January 31), he was described as “instrumental” in growing Devolver’s business and culture.

"On behalf of the Board and everyone at Devolver, I would like to thank Douglas for his significant commitment and achievements at Devolver in the last four years,” Miller said in a statement. “Douglas' energy, leadership and determination were critical to our IPO and programme to build our infrastructure as a listed company, culminating in the exciting System Era acquisition. I am excited by the opportunity to step back into the CEO role. 

“It's an incredible pleasure and honour to continue to work with Devolver's fantastic and talented team, building out a strong pipeline of fun and creativity, and of course delivering on our long-term growth strategy,” he continued.

Along with this change, there’s also been some reshuffling of the company’s board and chair. Namely, senior independent director Kate Marsh is now non-executive chair, stepping away from her role as chair of the remuneration committee in order to become chair of the nomination committee. Non-executive director Jo Goodson is doing the opposite - becoming chair of the remuneration committee instead of the chair of the nomination committee. Meanwhile, Devolver co-founder and chief operating officer Graeme Struthers has joined the company’s board. 

Devolver Digital has published numerous well-known indie games over the years, from Massive Monster’s roguelike hit Cult of the Lamb, to Sectordub’s puzzle adventure Pikuniku and Dodge Roll’s bullet-hell Enter the Gungeon

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