Visions of Mana overview includes a better look at exploration and combat - and a huge dog

VIsions of Mana Square Enix
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Square Enix made a surprise appearance at the Xbox Developer_Direct 2024, showing off an entirely new look at the upcoming action role-playing game Visions of Mana. Before this overview, the only information and insight we had on the game was from its announcement trailer posted over a month ago. 

In the newest overview, several sections were highlighted, including a better look at some of the monsters we can expect to see during the adventure, a deeper view of combat, and a peek at the environments we can explore. 

However, one of the main appeals of the overview comes from an entirely new species for the series - the Pikul. These large dog-like creatures will be used as mounts to help traverse the various landscapes Visions of Mana offers, while also being able to take down any enemies littering the map as you move. The full overview can be seen below:

Other highlights following the introduction of the Pikul include a look into the composition of the score for the game, with an emphasis on the adaptive music implemented to help players "seamlessly transition from map exploration to battles." There was also a spotlight on how the music has been created to mirror the history of the Mana series and maintain its recognizable charm. 

Visions of Mana is currently slated for a 'summer 2024' release, with no details as to when exactly we can expect it to launch. As the first addition to the Mana series in over 15 years, there's a lot of anticipation surrounding its release, but going off what we've seen in the overview presentation, we could be in for something incredibly special. 

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