Titanfall 2 fans rejoice - Respawn has fixed the matchmaking servers

Titanfall 2
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Titanfall 2 players are rushing to the game's multiplayer after Respawn quietly fixed the matchmaking server issues. 

For a few years, issues have plagued Titanfall 2's online servers that have made the game nearly unplayable, with some problems mainly revolving around matchmaking and stopping players from finding games. However, it looks like they may been finally solved (via Eurogamer).

One user over on the game's subreddit shared a post stating that the server issues have been fixed and the game no longer disconnects players while searching for a match.

"Titanfall 2 servers appear to be fixed by Respawn. (yes, this is real!!!)" user GeckoEidechse said. "More specifically, just to clear up any misconceptions, what got fixed was the matchmaking. You no longer get disconnected while searching for a match. Getting disconnected while in a game or server lag hasn't been happening for nearly two years now."

Additionally, it looks like Respawn has updated the featured playlist multiple times, with the user pointing out that they have gone "from Spicy Attrition to Free AgentsAttack on Titanfall, and now Rocket Arena." The weapons for Coliseum - the game's one-versus-one game mode - have apparently also been changed. 

Users in the thread have wondered if this is the work of modding, but GeckoEidechse - who is a modder themself - said that this is an official patch from Respawn.

"Given that I’m in the modding community it was obvious to me that it wasn’t anyone of us," they explained. "So to be clear, this fix comes from within Respawn (or however is working on [Titanfall 2] servers). There’s no 'hackers breaking into servers and fixing them' happening here."

The surprise fix isn't the only thing getting Titanfall fans excited. The latest Apex Legends update has just been released and the last few lines of the announcement have players convinced that Respawn is teasing Titanfall 3.

"Apex's latest update ends with: Incoming Transmission…. Subject: Nessie…. 1394521200 1477638000 1549267200," explains Iniqu1ty on Twitter. "If you search for these numbers, each one depicts the release date of Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends in Unix time. What the actual…"

Respawn hasn't confirmed a new game is in the works, and it didn't advertise the fact that it's quietly patched Titanfall 2, but earlier this year Respawn director Vince Zampella revealed that Titanfall series director Steve Fukuda is working on something new for the publisher

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